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Sky Promenade

Bromo at Sunset, Indonesia; Farl

Martin Johnson Heade, Orchids and a Beetle c.1885-1895

Andrew HefterStacks, 2011

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Moonlight, Frederick Judd Waugh


Tara Donovan  Art

Renowned American artist Tara Donovan creates sculptural objects of enigmatic beauty by utilizing and experimenting with simple, everyday objects like foil, toothpicks, straws and buttons.
 She experiments with materials and with the human sensory system.
This exhibition marks Donovan’s first showing in Europe and presents eight of her works from the years 2004-2012, installed in the Column Hall and the Large Hall on the bottom floor of the East Wing of the museum. Sculpturally, they range from small crystalline growths to large organic landscapes with natural forms as a central reference point. Donovan is keenly aware that she is not simulating nature.


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